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Carol Phillips And The Creation Of Clinique

Did you know that Clinique was founded by a Vogue beauty editor? Find out how Carol Phillips transformed the way we think about skin care and beauty.
Dramatically Different

Jane Lauder Tackles Indulgences
with Food Coach Dana James

It takes a certain amount of courage to have breakfast with a nutritionist. Clinique Global Brand President Jane Lauder went there armed with questions about (realistic) healthy eating habits and navigating indulgences the smart way.

Cloë Lane's Cotton Candy Obsession

Cloë Lane’s organic cotton candy company, Bon Puf, puts a modern spin on a classic confection. Here’s why we love her—and her equally sweet beauty looks.

Dramatically Different

Jane Lauder Talks Beauty
with Megan McIntyre of Refinery29

Jane Lauder, Clinique Global Brand President, sits down with Refinery29's Beauty Director to talk emerging beauty trends, the rise of the influencer, and the next great beauty breakthroughs.